What’s the Best Time to Exercise?


This week, I’m experimenting and being a little more spontaneous with what time I choose to work out.  I just had a thought as I was exercising at an unusual time of day for me; I need to share my answer to a question that I’ve answered for many clients.

What’s the best time of day to exercise?

I’ve always said, if you can do it in the morning, it’s best.

When we exercise early in the morning, it’s out of the way for the day.  It comes first instead of last.  So many things can happen in a day that can wreak havoc on our energy levels, can affect our end-of-the-day mood, and can give us reason to blow off this gift to ourselves.


But… also, beware of ‘all or nothing’ thinking.

If we don’t get it done in the morning, it’s easy to say oh crap, I’m just going to have to work harder tomorrow. I want to encourage you not to do that.  (I have been guilty of this and it’s not the way to go, I promise!) I’ve enjoyed working out late afternoon, early evening, and switching it up a bit as proof that a routine is great, but it doesn’t mean that it’s got to be that way.

If you have flexibility in your schedule, play around to see when you can get your best workout.

Pay attention to your energy levels, moods, and whether you’re more or less present at different times of the day. Like most topics discussed in the health arena, you will do best by paying attention to your mind and body; both have a lot to say!

So… when is the best time to exercise?  It’s personal, you choose!

So…Pick a time and put your exercise appointment on the calendar.  Make it a meeting with yourself, and make it happen. Be open to change, stay flexible for the days when your routine gets interrupted, and see exercise as a privilege.

A side note to keep your workout important: the new phrase that’s getting big attention is Sitting is the New Smoking.  Not sure about you, but that makes me cringe and seems so crazy!

***If you aren’t moving and don’t know where to start, please consider a short consultation with me.  I want to be the bridge to take you from where you are now to where you want to be; better health isn’t as difficult as we think.  (I only want to work with the willing, so I’m not about pressure).


Wishing you fun discoveries…  Please come back and let me know YOUR best time to work out and why!


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Be playful, stay curious, and remember¦ with each procrastinating thought, It’s only a hassle if you say it is!

Robin :)





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13 thoughts on “What’s the Best Time to Exercise?

  • I always say I’m going to work out in the morning, but then I’m too hungry. And then I eat… and then I’m too full… it’s a vicious cycle! I usually find my sweet spot around 8pm these days.

    • Melanie, you made me laugh because I do the same thing if I don’t get it done very early! “Well, now I’ll just digest while I get other things done.” Late evening is my least disciplined time to work out, but kudos to you for doing that; says a lot about what it means to you!

  • Hi Robin,
    I used to always work out super early in the morning like 5am because I would go to a bootcamp class. Now since I work from home, I find that I like working out in the middle of the day inside the house. It’s really convenient because the kids are at school and I don’t have to leave to do it!

  • What is great about exercising in the morning is you get it out of the way. I like to meditate in the morning and exercise in the middle of the day. I work at home and that allows for that. I was surprised by your saying “sitting is the new smoking.” That will motivate me!

    • Both meditation and exercise are great start ups, I agree Candess! Good for you for breaking in your day to exercise, that’s not easy once you’re in flow with your work. The Sitting is the new smoking motivates me too, that’s a powerful statement! Keep up the good work!

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