healthy breakfast parfait in a glass; it's an easy make ahead breakfast.

A Make-Ahead Breakfast that’s Healthy and Delicious

 (Click here to watch video) Mornings can feel rushed and out of control so quickly, and breakfast can either be tossed out altogether, or it can be a side-gig on the fly, with common processed food that has very little nutritional value. The donuts, danishes, and drive-thru items every once in a while aren’t a[…]

Habits. Must-Know Rules for Healthy Ones!

 Healthy Habits can become automatic, just like brushing your teeth. Habits.  We have healthy ones that serve us and others that absolutely don’t.  When we admit which is which and commit to change, it’s only crazy-hard if we choose to see it that way.  (Yep, I’m pulling the Mindset card!) I believe that when we[…]

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