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This Concept + These Exercises = Less Low Back Pain

Unexplained low back pain.  How many people do you know who experience and talk about it? Unfortunately, it’s one of the most common issues I see.  You can sit on a bench at the mall or the airport and watch hundreds of people walk by that are in obvious discomfort, right?  If you’re one of[…]

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A Make-Ahead Breakfast that’s Healthy and Delicious

 (Click here to watch video) Mornings can feel rushed and out of control so quickly, and breakfast can either be tossed out altogether, or it can be a side-gig on the fly, with common processed food that has very little nutritional value. The donuts, danishes, and drive-thru items every once in a while aren’t a[…]

Be proactive with your weight loss! Two roads, processed food or whole food?

Weight Loss; Get Proactive Now With These 5 Steps

    “As soon as ______________,  I’ll start my fitness and weight loss journey.” Sound familiar?  You know that changing things up is a must if you don’t want to accept what’s happening with your body and your health, but life just won’t slow down and give you the time. But here’s the truth:  you[…]

The Number 1 Reason to Exercise

What’s the number one reason we should exercise? I say it’s because we can.  We’re capable, and it’s a gift, that’s why.  There are many great reasons to exercise, but what if we just look at this one reason? My heart keeps telling me I need to share this because I think we all need[…]

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Negative Statements Vs. Empowering Questions

Let’s talk about making negative statements vs. asking empowering questions. This has become one of my favorite and most helpful life lessons; it’s great for keeping us out of the victim mentality and into taking responsibility for our lives. Awareness is always the first step, so here’s my first question; Do you make negative statements[…]

Habits. Must-Know Rules for Healthy Ones!

 Healthy Habits can become automatic, just like brushing your teeth. Habits.  We have healthy ones that serve us and others that absolutely don’t.  When we admit which is which and commit to change, it’s only crazy-hard if we choose to see it that way.  (Yep, I’m pulling the Mindset card!) I believe that when we[…]

For the Diet and Exercise Procrastinator Who longs for Better Health, Here’s a Simple Solution!

 So are you a Diet and Exercise Procrastinator who longs for better health???     If your thoughts about ‘what it takes’ to make healthy lifestyle changes are negative, and the words exercise and diet make you shudder, read on, my friend. What comes up for you when you hear the words exercise, diet, and[…]

Exercise Anywhere with Resistance Tubing

This blog has affiliate links. During a stay with my dad in New Mexico, his tractor caught my eye.  There was a great place for a workout!  With a little imagination, you can literally exercise anywhere with Resistance Tubing.  When you want to incorporate strength training (we all need to) and think you need to have[…]

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