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My Mission

Knowing what is important to you and why. Whatever your health, diet and fitness goals may be, I will simplify your journey to help you make it happen. It is my belief that exercise and a healthier diet can be fun and rewarding with the right guidance and an open mind!

Are those voices in your head kind, or critical? Do you believe in your goals or doubt yourself? I strongly believe that permanent change can only happen when we change our wiring and it’s an inside job. Some say it’s too scary, I say get honest. I want to influence you to embrace the inner work so that you can be free of the repetitive struggle.


We all have them. Some make our life better, while others work against us. Once we accept that what we’re doing (or not doing) is making us miserable, we need to dig in, find the facts, and choose some replacement behaviors. I will be a judgement-free support for you, while we get you comfortably uncomfortable. Let’s tweak some stuff so you can quit beating yourself up!


This isn’t about perfection or deprevation, it’s about small changes that will make you feel better so you can live better. Good health isn’t owed to us, and neither is a lean body. Like anything we want to make better, we have to first pay attention. I want you to get curious, experiment with food, and examine your beliefs about weight loss so food doesn’t have to be the enemy anymore.


If this word brings up anxiety or guilt for you, it’s time to change that so you can move forward with your health goals. I promise that if you come with your mind open, you can learn to love exercise! I will teach you safe and effective movement so you can gain confidence enough to go to any gym without that feeling of insecurity. Side note for extra motivation: Exercise is a prescription for almost all things health! Such a win!

People tell me their biggest fear about the gym is "looking stupid". The good news is, confidence and knowledge can be learned!


Making it through my own struggles has made me passionate about helping others.
Love yourself enough to keep searching for your answers.

My name is Robin McIntire.

If you struggle with your body image, your weight, or even just being stuck in your life, I want to remind you that you are not alone and that there’s hope for you to feel differently.

My journey isn't harder than that of anyone else, I just like to share it as a reminder that we can come out stronger than we ever thought possible. Overcoming is something that we all must experience and each of us have our unique journey of (emotional) survival.

The two most impactful things in my life that I had to overcome were losing my mother at age 10 to suicide, and getting myself into a nice little eating disorder in high school.

Both carried so much fear and uncertainty.

The love of family and friends kept me moving forward after my mother died and I feel grateful to this day that I don't remember feeling guilt or blame.

Being bulimic, however, created secrecy and self loathing that was unforgettably horrid. (I've always believed it was the keeping of the secret that brought the strongest shame and loneliness).

I knew I needed to get help but was too embarrassed and fearful. So fearful, that I went about it on my own (NOT recommended!)

With God on my side, and some environmental factors in place, over time, I was able to let go of the behaviors and heal.

The clencher was sharing with people I trusted; when I brought it into the light, I had more peace and accountability. Speaking it gave me room to heal.

Going from self-loathing to self-loving is so incredibly powerful. I want to lead others to do their inner work with hope and without judgement.

Desperately wanting to become a stronger, more confident person is a good thing. So is wanting to take control of your health.

I want to be the bridge that can help connect you to your own answers so you can start really living.


    My favorite thing about teaching people how to move properly and get their sweat on , is taking out the intimidation factor. If you have never learned what to do in the gym, there is no reason why you would know what to do, right? You bring yourself as you are right now, we work together to get you where you want to go! I will troubleshoot with you so that we can get you in action towards your healthier life- is it lack of time? Lack of support? Lack of knowledge? Let's get to your solutions today, because tomorrow never gets here! A consultation is the best way to see if we might be a fit, send me your contact info. and I'll get back to you a.s.a.p.


    I will help you find your friendly inner voice. (If my request to love yourself more is at all too"woo-woo" for ya, I'm probably not your gal...)


    Do you agree that if you could do things without accountabilty you would already be in the mind and body that you want? I will remind you along the way what you said is important to you and help you expect more from yourself.


    For your life to change, YOU must change. For you to change, your THOUGHTS must change! I'm here to help you change the beliefs that are keeping you in the lifestyle that is keeping you stuck.

Certified Personal Trainer and Your Partner in Lifestyle Change.
Robin McIntire
Robin McIntire
A Certified Personal Trainer & your Partner in Lifestyle Change~ I believe that what we think about we bring about; so along with diet and exercise, I’m passionate about teaching mindset. After 34 years of being in the Fitness Arena, I know to my core (pun intended) that it’s not just about movement and calories!


I admire my clients and am continually grateful for not only their trust, but for how much they inspire me.

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